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JobImpulse is an experienced international personnel services provider that can demonstrate a history of exceptional success since its founding in 2006. Today we maintain over 53 sites in 13 countries with more than 9,000 employees worldwide.

Job Impulse offers many programs which are custom tailored to fit your needs. From outsourcing to automation, we have a solution for the problem you are trying to solve. Scroll down below to find out more about our programs and take the first step on your path to success!

We bring people to their destination

We find personnel solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of both companies and employees, with the highest professionalism and the best contacts in many branches of industry and commercial sectors. Whether you’re starting a career, restarting it or looking for a change, JobImpulse is always the right contact partner — just like our motto says, “We bring people to their destination”.

At the interface between supply and demand

As the most important point of interface between supply and demand in the job market, we know the needs of our clients and the professional goals of our candidates and we bring them into harmony with each other. Thanks to our network of branch offices and an intelligent linking of the Business Areas we are able to offer our personnel services throughout all of Germany as well as representing ourselves in additional important industrial nations.

The advantages of working with us:

  • Technical competence and a professional environment
  • Partnership based on trust and mutual respect
  • Qualified personnel
  • Efficient and tailor-made solutions
  • Unbureaucratic way of working
  • One-stop service for complex projects
  • International presence with over 50 sites in 12 countries
  • Goal-oriented action in accordance with the needs of clients and employees
  • Sustainable measures and processes

Within the industry and the production environment robotic systems automate and simplify work processes and so helps to save costs. Cobots, a division of TechImpulse develops, creates and produces such systems for your company. Therewith, we solve bottlenecks in production units both in form of capacity and quality. For more information please click here.


The basics of our philosophy have been in place since the first day we were founded and have only evolved in view of the global aspect.
So it has always been and will always remain our central concern to create additional value for the people who work with JobImpulse. This pervades all levels of our activities, begins with our applicants and extends to employees as well as former colleagues and of course to our clients.
In everything we focus on the person. With this approach we have automatically committed to continuing to learn and improve and are never satisfied with our current quality and service. Besides our central focus on targeted personnel development, we also make use of technological possibilities that are increasingly important in daily professional life. We invest in modern technologies in order to achieve the maximum for our employees and clients.
Services for and by people is and remains our core competence. We act globally and use our world-wide network of branch offices to enable our employees and clients to assert themselves in the increasingly globalized professional world.
But none of this comes before our principle of always being a responsible and fair employer and not elevating profit over all other goals! Employees at JobImpulse face the challenges of their profession every day and despite the goals set for them they never fail to be “human” as well.


With great pride we look back on more than ten years of success at JobImpulse Group. This positive development is the proof that we have been a driving force in the job market with our innovations and holistic services. Here you can read a short overview of the most important milestones in our development!


  • January 2006: JobImpulse is founded in Wiesbaden
  • February 2006: branches opened in Hildesheim and Neuruppin
  • November 2006: branch opened in Reutlingen
  • December 2006: founding of Job Impulse Poland


  • April 2007: founding of Job Impulse Czechia
  • June 2007: founding of Job Impulse Slovakia


  • November 2008: opening of the branch in Trier


  • August 2009: founding of Job Impulse Hungary


  • July 2010: opening of the branch in Krefeld
  • August 2010: opening of the branch in Braunschweig


  • January 2011: opening of the branch in Nürtingen
  • February 2011: opening of the branch in Murnau
  • March 2011: opening of the branch in Lüdenscheid
  • May 2011: opening of the branch in Berlin-Adlershof
  • November 2011: founding of Job Impulse Spain


  • February 2012: founding of Job Impulse Mexico
  • June 2012: Partnership in JOB PARTNER AG in Switzerland
  • September 2012: opening of the branch in Esslingen


  • February 2013: founding of IT-Impulse
  • May 2013: opening of the branch in Hannover
  • July 2013: founding of Job Impulse Portugal
  • September 2013: opening of the branch in Mainz
  • October 2013: opening of the branch in Berlin-Lichtenberg
  • November 2013: opening of the branch in Hagen
  • December 2013: founding of Job Impulse USA


  • January 2014: opening of the branch in Berlin-Tegel
  • March 2014: opening of the branch in Zeulenroda-Triebes


  • January 2015: opening of the branch in Bayreuth
  • October 2015: Start of the JobImpulse Academy in Mainz


  • January 2016: 10-year anniversary of JobImpulse
  • January 2016: opening of the branch in Lisbon (Portugal)
  • February 2016: opening of the branch in Györ (Hungary)
  • March 2016: renaming of Wittker + Partner to Wittker + Wittmann
  • March 2016: Opening of the branch in Spartanburg
  • May 2016: founding of Job Impulse Japan
  • November 2016: opening of the branch in Troy (USA)


  • January 2017: opening of the branch in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)
  • April 2017: opening of the branch in Huntsville (USA)
  • June 2017: Introduction of our free job portal


  • May 2018: Opening of the branch in Charleston
  • August 2018: Opening of the branch in Auburn Hills
  • December 2018: Founding of JobImpulse Medical
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