The corona pandemic is currently causing uncertainties in both private and working life. Never before has anything moved the whole world as much as COVID-19 and never before has anything influenced our lives as much and will continue to do so for a long time. For us as an employer, this uncertainties are a major challenge that we want to and must meet. Therefore, we have taken special precautions and measures to ensure that our applicants, employees and customers continue to feel safe and secure.In the following, you can read more about our individual measures in the fight against Corona:


  • Job interviews and employee meetings can be conducted via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp VideoCall. It is not necessary to visit the branch office for this.
  • All JobImpulse branches measure the temperature of every visitor at the entrance with a contactless thermometer – if it is too high, the person is not allowed to enter the branch.
  • All branches are equipped with disinfectant. Every visitor must disinfect his or her hands at the entrance.
  • All our employees in the branches have face masks and disposable gloves available to protect against infection.
  • Our employees are continuously trained in the use of Corona and receive a fact sheet explaining which measures you should take at work and in your daily life.

  • In all our washrooms and toilets there are signs indicating how to wash your hands properly.
  • Before the start of the assignment, we go through all the important points (including those made at the customer company) together with our employees and answer all the important questions.
  • We have employees working in our home office, if circumstances permit. Here are some helpful tips for working in the home office::


We also support our customers as a reliable and competent service provider with extensive measures in the fight against corona:

  • Restrict unnecessary visits to the company: We manage the application process for our clients, including the selection of candidates.
  • JobImpulse takes over the training of employees: In close consultation with the responsible persons at our customers, we take care of the training phase in a targeted manner. We can also draw on the expertise of our AKADEMIE – our in-house training programme.
  • We provide fast and uncomplicated support for customers who currently lack almost the entire accounting department in the case of salary and payroll accounting. The Experts from PayImpulse are a reliable partner:
  • Due to sick leave, almost the entire production stands still? JobImpulse offers an alternative: the rental of robot systems. We take the implementation process into our own hands and support customers even after installation. The advantage: the robot is paid on an hourly basis, which also means that payment is only made when the robot is 100% in use. More about Robotics at
  • Due to the increased risk of infection, no meetings, trade fairs and other working meetings are currently taking place. One solution is digital platforms, which can be used specifically for communication and projects, but also for paperless office. We help customers to quickly find the right tool and to support them in project implementation.
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