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We offer extensive and sustainable solutions in the area of temporary employment. JobImpulse takes a noticeable burden from company clients by very quickly assigning professionals and enables a flexible response to personnel shortages or fluctuations in business volume.

JobImpulse offers applicants a contact partner who will accompany you throughout the assignment and stand at your side along with good prospects to be accepted into a permanent position with our clients.

Candidates – advantages at a glance:

  • Quick placement
  • Individual support (during the application process and the assignments)
  • Orientation at the worksite
  • We can be reached optimally through your personal contact partner
  • The possibility of permanent employment by our clients
  • Fair remuneration for services and regular pay scale wage increases
  • Vacation Programms
  • Insurance packages
  • Dedicated team and support staff

Clients – advantages at a glance:

  • Customized personnel solutions for all branches of the economy, industry and the building trades
  • Quickly covering your personnel needs
  • Recruiting from an extensive pool of qualified professionals
  • Lowering production costs with maximal flexibility
  • Support in relocating production
  • Assuming entire projects for you enables you to concentrate on your core business
  • Guiding the deployment of all temporary workers with on-site management, from other service providers as well
  • Analysis and optimization of personnel processes

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