Employment Opportunities

Extensive and sustainable Solutions

We provide comprehensive and sustainable temporary employment solutions. At JobImpulse, we swiftly alleviate the workload for our corporate clients by rapidly deploying skilled professionals. This enables a dynamic response to staffing gaps and fluctuations in business demands.

For applicants, JobImpulse offers a dedicated contact who guides them throughout their assignment journey. We also provide promising opportunities for candidates to transition into permanent positions with our clients.

Advantages for Candidates

  • Quick placement
  • Individual support (during the application process and the assignments)
  • Orientation at the worksite
  • We can be reached optimally through your personal Recruiter
  • The possibility of permanent employment by our clients
  • Strong starting pay rates and opportunities for advancement
  • Insurance packages
  • Dedicated team and support staff

Advantages for Clients

  • Customized personnel solutions for all sectors of business, industry and construction
  • Quickly covering your personnel needs
  • Recruiting from an extensive pool of qualified professionals
  • Lowering production costs with a maximum of flexibility
  • Support in relocating production
  • Assuming entire projects for you enables you to concentrate on your core business
  • Guiding the deployment of all temporary workers with on-site management, from other service providers as well
  • Analysis and optimization of personnel processes

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