Prevent Production Delays

In production companies, everything usually runs smoothly because all processes are planned down to the smallest detail. But even the best planning is obsolete if employees are unexpectedly absent due to illness, change of job or termination. Finding qualified and trained employees quickly is more than difficult. This is still a particular challenge for manufacturing companies. For this reason and because of our many years of experience as a personnel service provider for production companies, we have developed a solution from which everyone benefits:

Human-robot collaboration

“We cannot or do not want to afford the acquisition of robots!”

A strong argument that we often hear from our customers, but which can quickly be refuted. Thanks to our interesting cost model TRL – Temporary Robotic Leasing, companies do not have to invest a lot of money in the acquisition of robots. Our individual cobot solutions are simply and uncomplicatedly borrowed from us at a fixed, calculable hourly wage.

“Can the integration of the TechImpulse cobots bring production to a standstill for a certain period of time or be permanently disrupted?”

No this is not the case. We guarantee that we will integrate the cobot during ongoing production without production downtimes. And even after that, we are available 24/7 with our extensive support for problems and questions.


+   No downtime

+  24-Hour operation / 3-shift operation without downtime

+ Exact cost calculation & control: Cobots are billed on an hourly basis

+  Advanced Robotic Workstation: Any lightweight robot can be integrated regardless of manufacturer

+ Flexible assistance solutions for different batch sizes and cycle times

+ Experts with the corresponding know-how in leading technologies

+  Support: Offering a well-trained, dedicated team operating in a project oriented workshop facilitated   via remote maintenance with additional on-site support teams to insure production is met

+  Short decision-making processes and trained employees ensure timely implementation: calculable and     plannable

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